Can’t Miss Adventures in Vietnam

Located in the south East Asia, Vietnam is among the top twenty most populous countries. Neighbouring countries of Vietnam are China, Laos and Cambodia. The official native language in Vietnam is Vietnamese.

People and culture

Vietnamese CultureHaving been one of the oldest cultured people in Asia, it is believed to be part of the East Asia culture sphere. This country colonized by China has various cultural differences amongst themselves. The use of Latin alphabet and catholic faith are some of the cultures inherited from the Europeans.

What to do before visiting Vietnam

Any tour or visit to another country is bound to be adventurous. Some tourists get overwhelmed with excitement and overlook some key details:

· When packing, keep your credit cards, money and air ticket in a place that’s safe, you can remember and access easily.

· Use travel agencies that are registered. For tourists visiting from the United States, it is important to know the requirements you need after your visit is done. Travellers are required to fill an ESTA form a few days prior to your travel to the states. This also applies to anyone who plans to travel to the United States.

· Dress appropriately. If you are planning to visit pagodas, then carry the right attire. Some pagodas are used as places of worship.

· Vietnamese is comprised of a population that is conservative. Do not carry clothes that are exposing. This makes the locals uncomfortable.

· Public display of affection should be limited. However, it is okay to hold hands while walking.

Places to visit 

· Ho Chi Minh City.

It boasts as one of the major international business cities. The skyscrapers give a magnificent view of the city. Watch the sun set and welcome the night at one of the tallest buildings. The view is breath taking.

· Hanoi

This is the capital city of Vietnam. Just like any other capital city in the world there is a lot of bustle and hustle. Tourists tend to overlook capital cities because of the activities that go on. However, the presence of the pagodas and the temple of literature is enough reason to visit the city.


· The emperor’s private residence is situated here. The famous forbidden purple city where it is believed he houses his mistresses is also at Hue. When visiting this place, ensure you taste the beef noodle soup locally known as bun Bo bue.

· Sapa

For an amazing view, go for trekking on the hills of Sapa. Be sure to see the mountain ranges in Vietnam. The locals there have equipment that you can rent for easy movement through the jungles. Sapa is also a home to various minority ethnic groups.

· Ha Long Bay 

Locally known as the descending dragon bay. Limestone karsts of different shapes and sizes make this place a popular destination. This area is also a prehistoric site as it is believed to have had human beings many years ago.

· Ben Tre

Ben Tre is located in the Mekong delta, southern province of Vietnam. Enjoy the view of sunset, catching flies while cruising along the river.

Visit marvelous Mau Son before tourism boom

If you fancy exploring a quiet and beautiful spot before the masses come, visit Mau Son now.

Covering Mau Son and Cong Son communes in Cao Loc District and Mau Son Commune in Loc Binh District, Mau Son Tourist Area is located about 30 kilometers from Lang Son City in Lang Son Province.

Mau Son itself has more than 80 large and small mountains, of which the highest is Nui Cha Mountain which is 1,541 meters high and Me Mountain 1,520m. Mau Son has a temperate climate and the average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius so it is really cool in summer and very cold in winter.

The area is endowed with a biodiversity system with more than 1,500 hectares of primeval forest which is home to many rare flora and fauna species. There are many streams from the peak to the foot of the mountain, creating magnificent and splendid waterfalls.

Together with romantic landscapes, Mau Son also accommodates old cultures of ethnic peoples of Dao, Tay and Nung.

Mau Son was formerly an ideal destination for vacations with many spacious and luxurious villas in Tam Dao and Sapa. However, during the revolution wars, many of the villas were destroyed.

On Monday, visitors to Mau Son have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape, fresh atmosphere and learn about local tradition and culture by joining in the daily life of some ethnic minority groups.

Thanks to the favorable climate, Mau Son can offer tourists several specialties such as peach, Che Tuyet tea, and Mau Son wine, which is processed using Mau Son’s plants and water sources from the mountain.

Local authorities in Mau Son are planning to develop infrastructure as well as public services to promote tourism. In the future, Mau Son will be developed to become a tourist area with mountain climbing, sightseeing, and recreation.


International seminar focuses on preserving Halong Bay

More than 150 foreign and Vietnamese scientists and managers discussed ways to preserve and promote the values of Halong Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh on July 24.

Addressing the seminar, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh, pointed out that Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, offers beautiful sightseeing and attracts millions of tourists, bringing in trillions of VND per year to the province.

However, Halong is facing major challenges in its course of development, Anh said, suggesting that Quang Ninh province should focus on the quality and efficiency of tourism and take responsibility for preserving and promoting the values of this precious natural attraction.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Tran Minh Chinh said Quang Ninh is integrating the development of Halong Bay tourism with its plan to boost sustainable economic growth and environmental protection.

The provincial and national strategies for tourism development until 2020, with a vision towards 2030, define Halong Bay as a key tourism destination that will attract great numbers of both domestic and foreign visitors, he added.

Chinh also emphasized that the province aims to develope a tourism trademark, explore for new tourist sites, promote environmental protection and raise public awareness of preserving Halong Bay.

Katherine Muller-Matin, UNESCO Chief Representative in Vietnam, said that the State and the private sector should join efforts to protect and advertise Halong Bay on a national and international scale.

According to reports from Quang Ninh province, Halong Bay receives an average of 2.5 million visitors each year, including one million foreigners. In recent years, Halong Bay and the surrounding areas have recently attracted over 40 foreign investment projects with total capital of more than US$1 billion.

(source: VOV)